The Ecom Diet - 6 Recipes For A Successful eCom Business

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REVEALED: "The '6 Pillars' Of Every Rapidly Growing & Profitable E-Commerce Store"

With the information contained in this book, I've made over $5,000,000 in revenue.

.. every day, entrepreneurs, like you, message me.

Many are struggling to grow their businesses.

  • Some don't know what apps to use
  • Some worry about what platform to advertise on
  • Some earn hundreds of dollars a day, but don't know how to scale it further

In this e-book, I'm going to show the 6 biggest lessons i've learnt in ecommerce. Things you can apply and see results overnight

I like to call each lesson a 'pillar'.

When combined, these 'pillars' create a powerful ecommerce business.

One that can compete with giants like Amazon.

.. yes, amazon.

I'll teach you how to make your business outperform your competition... even if they ruthlessly undercut you!

Before I get to that, it's important you know how I got to this point.

When I started off in e-commerce, I knew nothing. I started learning from youtube, but it was a sea of shallow tactics.

As a result, when I had some success, I didn't know how to capitalize on it.

.. well, after a couple of years in ecommerce, and $5,000,000 in revenue. I'm ready to reveal 6 actionable lessons that helped propel my business into 7 figures.

And listen.. I know how amazing that feeling is when you hear a "CHA-CHING" noise.

You feel like you've made it.

You're finally making money on the internet!

.. but as awesome as that is, you realize that keeping up those sales is hard.

Way harder than the gurus make it seem.

You spend hours on the website, only for it to make a couple of sales, here and there..

So you watch some videos on Youtube, and decide you should try your hand at Facebook ads.

.. only to find it eats up your margins, and burns a hole in your wallet.

You hear people do this successfully for a living.. so you reach out to a professional media buyer.

They throw you a figure.

... and suddenly it feels like someone's stolen all the air out of your lungs..

You're left speechless.

You start to panic and ask yourself how you can afford this (and if it's even worth the risk!).

I felt the exact same way.

That was until I came across the first 'pillar'.

I learned the fundamentals of business.

Stuff 'business coaches' hide in their $10,000 courses.

Well, after learning the fundamentals... I realized this could be a BIG business.

.. but, I still had an issue.

I'm sending EXPENSIVE traffic to my website.

Every day Facebook sends me a bill.. and I have nothing to show for it.

I needed to learn how to get people to buy from me.. a complete stranger.

They've never heard of me, or my business before, yet i'm asking them to buy my product?!!

When I framed it this way... the issue became clear!

.. my website wasn't optimized for conversions at all.

That was the second pillar.

This alone made a HUGE difference.

I was shocked when I saw how small changes increased my revenue overnight.

I'd never seen this stuff before.

Everyone talks about '4 crazy facebook ad secrets'

.. but no one talks about optimizing your website for sales.

Seriously. Your website can work like 100 salesmen (on speed)..

"Wow, if that's 2 pillars, what are the rest like?"

Well, 3 and 4 talk about capturing emails. And how I copy and paste winning email flows for every new brand I start.

Email Flows are automated emails that get sent out to customers. Their sole goal is to nurture that relationship, and make you more money.

.. the best part. You can set them and forget them.

They do all the heavy lifting for you!

.. 5 talks about Facebook Messenger.

It's one of the most over-looked marketing tools that makes me a ton of money (on auto-pilot).

And 6, is how Social Media Marketing can be done organically... saving you thousands of dollars.

I simply don't have the space to go in depth on pillars, 3,4,5 and 6..

But I break it down, and cover everything in the 55+ page book, you're about to buy.

"The '6 Pillars' Of Every Rapidly Growing & Profitable E-Commerce Store"

Now it's worth mentioning, that results are going to vary.

I can't guarantee you're going to become a millionaire overnight.

.. but i've done my best to make this the only handbook you'll need to generate life-changing money..

And whilst I've made $5,000,000 in revenue from the principles in this book. I've tried to make this as accessible to as many people as possible.

From experienced and wealthy entrepreneurs. To complete newbies, who have a vision and a dream to make this a full-time income.

.. so if you order today, you will get "The '6 Pillars' Of Every Rapidly Growing & Profitable E-Commerce Store" for just $87.

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This book was made to not only help you but propel you to become a revenue making machine.

You don't have to get the book. I'll always post things on Twitter for free.

But my twitters scattered with retweets, personal feelings, and random thoughts.

If you want a refined, easy-to-read & actionable book, this is it.

If you don't... no hard feelings.

You'll no doubt have a good chance at succeeding.

But if want to reduce the wasted ad spend & stop yourself from making business-ending mistakes.. buy the book.

And remember, if you order today, you will get "The '6 Pillars' Of Every Rapidly Growing & Profitable E-Commerce Store" for just $87.

If you've got in early on any of my other products, you know how quickly the price can shoot up.

If you don't want to look back and think "I should have got that, when it was half this price!" then act today, and buy the book.

*Disclaimer - these are winning strategies that I have tested on stores making a few thousand a month all the way to stores making millions in revenue a year. Just because there are results for me, this does not guarantee results for everyone. Results may vary

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The Ecom Diet - 6 Recipes For A Successful eCom Business

45 ratings
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