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Agency Bootcamp - 6 Week Group Coaching

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Agency Bootcamp - 6 Week Group Coaching

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6-Week Agency Bootcamp | Automate Your Entire Marketing Agency and Scale Yours To $10k/mo and Beyond 

Admission closes on: Oct 28th, 2021

First call: Oct 29th, 2021

Spots remaining: 9/10

Here's what you can expect

This is a mastermind group bootcamp - which means there will be an exclusive list of 10 agency owners who get to join in on this journey ( 6 total calls).

Every week I will host 1 call with all of us together and we go over the information below.

You will also get access to a telegram channel between us all to talk strategy and mastermind with each other.

The calls will cover: 

  1. Business foundations: Offers, positioning, Assets needed

  2. Prospecting: My winning strategies to help you create evergreen lead sources using social media, email lists and forums - I will give you all my secrets + shoutouts. 

  3. Closing & Onboarding: Get access to my sales scripts, and sales strategies to help get you close more deals. Also how to systemize your onboarding process so you will never have to think about onboarding ever again

  4. Actual work: The most important lesson - how to systemize using my winning systemization structure and strategy. This will help you scale to $10k and beyond without having to stop & waste months to “reorganize”

  5. Reporting & optimization: How to retain your clients 

  6. Full Q/A sessions to answer your questions directly by me

You will have homework after every single call.

Who this is for:

  1. Those making less than $10k/mo from their agency/freelancing services & looking to scale

  2. It doesn't matter what agency you own - the information I will be providing to you on our live calls can be implemented for your agency - we will also have live Question and Answer sections so you can ask your specific agency related questions

Who this is not for: 

  1. The freeloaders who are all talk - the ones who come for ‘free’ information and never take action

  2. The needy/desperate ones that whine all day if something doesn't go their way

I will be working with you to help you throughout this process but once the homework comes, it's up to you to take action - if you aren’t consistent, you won’t get any results 

The minds I have coached and helped scale 

One JK Molina - Ghostwriter 

Check out his video testominal here: 

Cam Duncan - Web Development and Design Agency Owner

Check out his video testominal here:

Wild Woman - Branding and Design Agency Owner

Check out her video testominal here:

Aadil T. - Email Marketing Agency Owner


Dylan Money Bag Madden - Freelance and Agency Owner

Check out his video testominal here:

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